Parent Education on Sleep for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Sometimes it feels like nothing is harder than trying to function throughout the day when you haven’t had much sleep. Maybe you tossed and turned all night because you couldn’t get comfortable. Maybe it was too hot or you couldn’t get enough blankets to keep you warm. The overwhelming feeling of dread when the alarmContinue reading “Parent Education on Sleep for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder”

Caregiving For Others and Yourself

Being a caregiver is definitely not for the weak. We are often the only constant in a care recipients’ life. We develop bonds and become family with those we provide services to. I always knew I wanted to do something in this line of work. In 2013 I started working with individuals with disabilities andContinue reading “Caregiving For Others and Yourself”

My Clinical Rotation with Easterseals as a Physical Therapy Student

As we are coming to the end of Physical Therapy month, I am thrilled to get the chance to share my experience with Easterseals! My name is Janelle Brubaker and I am a 3rd year Doctor of Physical Therapy student at Western Michigan University. I am currently in the middle of my third full-time clinicalContinue reading “My Clinical Rotation with Easterseals as a Physical Therapy Student”

My Journey as a Physical Therapist with Easterseals

My name is Tracy Jungwirth and I am the physical therapist for Easterseals and their Early Intervention program. I started with Easterseals as a new graduate, fresh out of physical therapy school in 2014. I learned SO much from the great team of teachers and therapists at Easterseals in the first year and even moreContinue reading “My Journey as a Physical Therapist with Easterseals”

Transitioning Back to School

“One of the best investments we can make in a child’s life is high quality early education” Barack Obama Transitioning and change can be difficult for anyone, at any age. During a pandemic, this can present extra challenges especially for young children as they transfer back to their early childhood programs or school. There areContinue reading “Transitioning Back to School”

What Events Mean to Non-Profit Organizations – Like Easterseals

NEW BLOG POST: “Events not only raise major funds to support the programs and services we provide, but they are also a great way to increase awareness of what we do, thank our supporters, celebrate our successes, and generate excitement for those who are just learning what our organization is all about.” Ashley Democko, Easterseals

An Exploration of Creating Equity, Inclusion and Access for all to Enjoy the Beauty of Art

Contributed by: Helyn Marshall, Wexner Center for the Arts What was the most beautiful thing you’ve ever experienced? Whether seen, heard, felt, or some combination of sensory understanding? Even if it was fleeting. Even if it was small. Even if you were alone when it happened. Was it art? There are many questions and ideasContinue reading “An Exploration of Creating Equity, Inclusion and Access for all to Enjoy the Beauty of Art”

Growing with the Imagination Library Free Book Early Literacy Program

Authored by: Payton Reuter As a first year Project BEAR (Building Emerging and Achieving Readers) and AmeriCorps member, I knew I was looking to get more involved with early literacy in my community.  I jumped at the opportunity to be able to collaborate with Easterseals.  Project BEAR directs their focus on literacy development for childrenContinue reading “Growing with the Imagination Library Free Book Early Literacy Program”

Growing and Learning through Music

Alyssa Graber, MME, MT-BC, Music Therapist- Board Certified “Everybody play your instrument, everybody play your instrument, everybody play, everybody play, and then we….STOP!” I am lucky that singing this little instrument song is a normal part of my everyday life. I regularly sing not only this song, but lots of familiar kids songs like “WheelsContinue reading “Growing and Learning through Music”

My Journey as an Early Intervention Specialist with Easterseals

“There have been so many incredible moments and memories in my classroom that will be forever remembered…”

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