My Journey as an Early Intervention Specialist with Easterseals

Written by: Amica Gardner

Amica G. posing in the mirror

My name is Amica Gardner and I’m an Early Intervention Specialist for Easterseals. I have always believed in timing, and the day I applied for the Early Intervention Specialist (EIS) position was perfect timing. I was at a professional crossroads of what my next career move would be. When I was researching a popular employment website I stumbled upon the EIS position. As I was reading the job description my heart was fluttering in excitement. With each sentence I was saying, “I can do that, oh that’s me, I can definitely do that”! I applied that day! 

I was nervous, anxious and determined that this would be my next career move, and thankfully I was hired. Fast forward to 6 years, here I am, an EIS. I’ve grown so much as a person and as a professional. I’ve learned to be present, intentional and cherish the moments. To always appreciate the small and big milestones that occur in the classroom. There have been so many incredible moments and memories in my classroom that will be forever remembered and that in itself,  is a blessing. 

Amica in a classroom with a few of our Early Intervention friends

There are days, and we’ve all had them where you wake up and you are just  blah and you’re in a different head space. On these days, I park my car, gather my things and say to myself, “these young children need you Amica, you need to be present and intentional, look for and seek all the good and positives today”! Beep! Car is locked, I walk my way to the door, scan my badge and shake all that blah (ness) off and get ready for the day. Lets be honest some days are challenging emotionally, physically and mentally. Those are the days you push through, laugh, smile, sing a little louder at circle time, dance, be silly with the kids, and remember to breathe. And then you go home eat some ice cream for dinner and go to bed by 7:30. LOL 

Being an EIS has been an incredible journey. From connecting with wonderful families, advocating for them and their child, building a rapport with them, and reassuring them, I will be with them every step of the way. That WE, the other 3 EIS’s will be there, giving 110%.  

Amica with our Early Intervention friend

I work with an amazing group of individuals who also make me a better EIS. We are an exceptional team, and I grateful for them as well. 

As for Ms. Amica, being an EIS has been one of the best experiences I have been apart of. I always tell my families, “thank you for allowing me, and Easterseals to be apart of your child’s journey”. Being an EIS is rewarding to the heart, soul  and mind. How inspiring it is to know that each day you get to be apart of something so big, watching these young ones grow, learn, and accomplish a goal

 That is a blessing! 

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